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Forties Forest - 40 trees for 40th birthday

Forties Forest - 40 trees for 40th birthday

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Celebrate your loved one's 40th birthday with a gift that keeps on giving! Our "Forties Forest" gift plants 40 trees in their name, helping to preserve and protect the environment for years to come. A symbolic and meaningful way to celebrate this special milestone.

    How it works

    1. Place the order, for the number of trees you want to plant in the recipient's name. Make sure to select a delivery date for when you want us to email this gift to the recipient.

    2. On the scheduled date, the recipient receives an email with

    • Your personal note
    • An authenticated digital certificate in their name (see example certificate attached)
    • A personal dashboard with details of their trees, their impact, where their trees are being planted, as well as project details.

    3. You also receive an email letting you know that your gift has reached. You also get a copy of the certificate, as well as your own personal dashboard.

    What is included

    Both you and the gift recipient will receive:

    • A digitally authenticated tree adoption certificate in the recipient's name.
    • A dashboard where you can see your trees, their impact, details of the planting project, where your trees are planted, and updates on your project.
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    Our planting partners

    We facilitate our tree planting through our tree planting service provider GreenSpark and tree planting verification service Veritree. These trees are ultimately planted by our accredited planting partners , organizations dedicated to fighting deforestation and extreme poverty. They employ local communities to plant native trees, restoring ecosystems and providing livelihoods for millions. 

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