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Memorialize a loved one

Memorialize a loved one

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Honor your loved one with this gift. It plants a custom number of trees in their memory. This unique tribute not only celebrates their life but also benefits the environment, leaving a lasting legacy. It's a beautiful, sustainable way to keep their spirit alive, ensuring their memory flourishes in the form of thriving forests for future generations to cherish

How it works

1. Place the order, for the number of trees you want to plant in your loved one's name.

2. Within 24 - 48 hrs, you will receive a confirmation of the planting order with

  • An authenticated digital certificate in your loved one's name (see example certificate attached)
  • A personal dashboard with details of your trees, their impact, where the trees are being planted, as well as project details.

What is included

You will receive:

  • A digitally authenticated tree adoption certificate in the loved one's name.
  • A dashboard where you can see your trees, their impact, details of the planting project, where your trees are planted, and updates on your project.
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Customer Reviews

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Dr. Uday. G. Chandraghatgi
🌿To give back what we took 🌿

The idea of planting trees to cherish the memories of a person who loved Life & Nature, but left the world too soon, is very close to my heart. It also signifies giving something back to our "Mother Earth" who has nurtured all the living beings since millions
of years. I have made it my resolution to support this cause in the future gifting moments 🥰

Shamala uday Chandraghatgi
You are with us forever ♥️

As of now, we have to face the bitter truth, that human activities have raised the atmosphere's carbon dioxide content by 50% in less than 200 years.😢 I feel, we need to wake up to this grim situation at the earliest to save the earth for coming generations. Hence I am very happy and want to thank 🙏 you for giving me an opportunity to plant trees as a gift ❤️ in loving memory of my brother as well as, to mother earth.

Our planting partners

We facilitate our tree planting through our tree planting service provider GreenSpark and tree planting verification service Veritree. These trees are ultimately planted by our accredited planting partners , organizations dedicated to fighting deforestation and extreme poverty. They employ local communities to plant native trees, restoring ecosystems and providing livelihoods for millions. 

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