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Celebrate love and commitment in harmony with nature through our 'Eco-Friendly Anniversary Gifts' collection. This carefully selected range offers a meaningful and sustainable way to mark milestone anniversaries or any special year of togetherness. 
  • 1. Find the perfect gift

    from our vast selection. Each gift plants trees starting at just $1 a tree, in your loved one's name.

  • 2. Your trees are planted

    across the world in partnership with GreenSpark and our UN accredited reforestation partners, and verified with Veritree.

  • 3. Loved one receives a mail

    with your personal note, a digital tree adoption certificate, and details of their planting projects.

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Frequently asked questions

Where do the trees get planted?

When you gift trees through our platform, they are planted as part of global reforestation efforts led by Eden Reforestation Projects or Earthlungs Reforestation Projects. These initiatives have active planting sites across the world, with current projects focused in Honduras and Kenya. Each site is meticulously chosen to ensure both environmental and social benefits, aligning with our commitment to combat extreme poverty and protect the planet through strategic reforestation.

How can you possibly plant for such a low price?

Our ability to plant at such a low price is made possible through our partnership with local organizations such as Eden Reforestation and Earthlungs Reforestation, who efficiently utilize largely free or affordable resources for planting. With a focus on native species, which naturally propagate and require minimal external resources, our projects benefit from a self-sustaining environment. Their fair wages for local employees, coupled with streamlined processes in developing nations, enable us to plant a significant number of trees economically.

How can I trust my money is going to support people and the planet?

Our commitment to transparency and trust is backed by two key measures.

Firstly, we partner exclusively with UN-accredited projects that are rigorously vetted and audited to guarantee their impact.

Secondly, we offer complete visibility through our planting partner's public ledger accessible here, documenting every transaction with our project partners. This ensures you know exactly where your contributions go.

Our planting partners

We facilitate our tree planting through our tree planting service provider GreenSpark and tree planting verification service Veritree. These trees are ultimately planted by our accredited planting partners , organizations dedicated to fighting deforestation and extreme poverty. They employ local communities to plant native trees, restoring ecosystems and providing livelihoods for millions. 

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