Our Planting Partners

At Greenr Gifts, ensuring the trustworthiness of our tree planting process is paramount. We meticulously partner with reputable, environmentally responsible organizations to guarantee that every tree planted truly contributes to reforestation and biodiversity efforts. 

We facilitate our tree planting through our tree planting service provider GreenSpark and tree planting verification service Veritree. These trees are ultimately planted by our accredited planting partners, organizations dedicated to fighting deforestation and extreme poverty. They employ local communities to plant native trees, restoring ecosystems and providing livelihoods for millions. 

American Forests

American Forests is the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the United States, whose projects range from working with local partners to plant trees to educating U.S. Congressional leaders about new policies and programs that could help reforest America.

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Earthlungs Reforestation Foundation

EarthLungs Reforestation Foundation is a Not for Profit Organization that works with local communities and public gazetted forests under the management of KFS (Kenya Forest Service), to improve the health of African forests.

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Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects is a global 501 (c)(3) nonprofit with the holistic mission of fostering healthy relationships between communities and the land on which all depend through Landscape Restoration and conservation.

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Coastal Kelp

Coastal Kelp is an organization that brings together farmers in the coasts of British Columbia, to facilitate Kelp restoration and improve the health and biodiversity of the ocean.

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