Veritree talks about creating transparency and measurability in Kelp restoration

Our partner Veritree's CEO Derrick Emsley talks about how their technology creates transparency, measurability and the potential to scale both terrestrial and aquatic eco-system regeneration.

In this video, they focus on their Verifying Ocean Climate Impacts Project with the support of Canada’s Ocean Supercluster to advance kelp farming and carbon fixation assessment. This project addresses the urgent need in the ocean industry for sustainable, scalable, and measurable solutions to evaluate kelp's impact on carbon fixation, biodiversity, and ocean health.

Veritree and its partners aim to develop robust methodologies for carbon fixation assessment, construct energy-efficient floats, establish Microhatcheries for seed cultivation, train a skilled workforce, and implement an MRV system.

We are incredibly proud to partner with Veritree and support their projects. We believe that their stringent focus on quality ensures that the funds generated by the Greenr Gifts community is fairly deployed, to restore our planet.

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